A large assortment of colorful and textured flowers. An assortment of eggs of many colors, stacked in trays. A box full of baskets of raspberries. Rows of growing vegetables. A pile of heirloom tomatoes. Katya picking strawberries, holding a boxfull. Child posing with a big box full of strawberries. Shiitake mushrooms growing on a log. A long row of cucumber plants, with a big bucket of harvested cucumbers. Children out gardening, working on a row of juvenile pepper plants. The Living Acres Farm stand at the Alfred Farmer's Market, heaped with an assortment of vegetables. Bundles of beets and turnips and carrots, baskets of potatoes and onions and peppers. Jars of Turnip Kimichi, Celeriac Kraut, Mexican Pickled Carrots, and Caraway Sauerkraut.